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Campaing Orchestration

The foundation for all successful marketing automation is efficiency. Efficiency in orchestrating data, content and customer journeys to deliver personalized customer experiences at scale. Marketing automation have traditionally focused on automating the always-on customer journeys like cross-sell, abandon cart, replenishment, win-back tracks creating a robust and automated always-on revenue stream. But when your business by nature is campaign centric you need to go beyond traditional marketing automation and apply campaign orchestration practice to gain efficiency to deliver impactful segmentation and optimization across all your campaign channels and inventory. 

Is your business campaign centric by nature?

Some business are simply campaign centric. Even when you have implemented best-in-class automated always-on marketing you still end up with more than 80% of all your marketing communication is coming from campaigns in your paid, web, mobile and email channels and for retailers extended into kiosk, coupons, digital magazines etc. In must cases the degree of data utilization and personalization is much lower in the campaigns compared to the always-on marketing tracks even though the business impact of data driven personalization in campaigns represent a significant ROI potential. 

Balancing campaign efficiency, segmentation and optimization to drive ROI

The obstacle to improve ROI from campaigns is seldom lack of data, content or MarTech and AdTech tools. The obstacle is more often a fragmented and manual end-to-end campaign process from planning campaigns, defining promotions, creating segmented audiences, managing content, configuring campaigns across paid, web, mobile, email and other channels, tracking and optimizing performance. 
When you want to improve the ROI of your campaigns you have to improve your data driven segmentation and personalization, and you need to improve your end-to-end campaign efficiency 10x if you want to improve your segmentation degree 10x and that is the real challenge of campaign orchestration in an omnichannel context.

Here are 3 steps to improve your ROI with campaign orchestration:

1) De-compose your MarTech stack into data, content and campaign orchestration delivery systems to make sure you are building to scale your campaign operation across all your marketing channels and inventory. 

2) Improve your campaign efficiency before you improve your segmentation and set clear efficiency objectives like “we want to be able to run 10x campaigns without any additional FTEs”.

3) Plan your campaign process from bottom-up and design your campaign orchestration delivery system from top-down, to drive automated personalization, eliminate manual processes and integrate campaign orchestration into your core commercial business process.